Pete Geier

Peter E. Geier was recruited in 2001 to the Ohio State University Medical Center by the University President and Senior Vice-President of Health Sciences.  As the Medical Center’s Chief Operating Officer he assumed the task of guiding the organization and improving operating efficiency and financial operations.  Additionally, since 2003, Geier has also held responsibility for completing a financial reversal of the OSU Health System while acting as its Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Geier has coached an executive management team to promote decision making, restructure performance management around six key results areas, and initiate a comprehensive review of $320M in non-labor expenses.   In addition, he led the development and implementation of the OSU Medical Center’s first strategic plan with growth platforms for the cancer, heart, neuroscience, transplant, imaging, and critical care areas. 

After graduating from Purdue University in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Mr. Geier began his career as a bank credit analyst. In this role, he acquired the skills to analyze financial statements, develop projections, and make risk-based assessments on clients’ ability to repay loans.  From 1984 to 1994, while employed by the Huntington Bank, Mr. Geier had the opportunity to oversee the company’s most complex loan relationships and problem loans.  As Executive Vice President and then President of Huntington, he conducted presentations at investor conferences hosted by major Wall Street investment banks, contributed to discussions on debt and equity issues, and led the bank in significant acquisitions.

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