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Ethics and Leadership

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From Chip Souba:

In the top right hand corner of our blog, under the Welcome, we have asked for your feedback on topics you would like to discuss (and have included a handy link to quickly email your ideas). The latest post from Keith Smith on Ethics and Leadership (see below) comes from such feedback on topics and we’re delighted to welcome Dr. Smith to the conversation.

 We’d love to have even more ideas, topics, comments and feedback – so please JOIN THE CONVERSATION in whatever way you feel most comfortable!

By: Keith Smith
Associate Vice President, Agricultural Administration
Associate Dean,  Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Director, Ohio State University Extension

What would you do for your company or organization?

What does your behavior say about your choices as a leader?

If we put ethics into its simplest terms, as offered by the Harvard Business School, we could say that leadership is the ability to ethically move an organization from point A to point B. While I appreciate the simplicity of that statement, and being an ethical leader is something I strive for personally, I think we all know the practice of doing so can be more complicated.

The choice between right and wrong seems obvious for most of us – but it’s not hard to get sidetracked. For example, when you look at the scandal among the financial institutions on Wall Street – the mistakes those company executives made by adjusting the records, cheating for business or personal gain, and outright lying to cover it up show how far you can fall when businesses bend the rules for the bottom line.

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